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Piña has cultural and historical significance in our country, the Philippines. We wanted to explore the fabric and support our local textile industry and our partner community of weavers in Aklan, who pass down our history through their weaves.

How to care for Piña

All our items are made of piña seda or piña shifu. To extend the life of your item:


Dry cleaning is the best way to keep the structure of the weaves and dye of your piece. Gentle hand washing is also a possible option:

  • Gently handwash in cold water and mild soap only

  • Do not scrub, twist nor rub the pieces

  • Do not soak

  • Do not bleach 

  • Rinse immediately

  • Wash separately

  • Do not dry directly under the sun

  • Dry flat



  • Iron with low heat

  • Spray with starch


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